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Recounting Life Lessons

Jun 11, 2022

Stop playing the sidekick or victim in your life and be the hero.

In this solo episode, Alana shares about the moment she realized that she was playing the role of the sidekick in all the areas of her life that she was feeling frustrated and stuck in.

Since then, she has intentionally chosen to step up as the hero and can identify what it looks like when she or anyone is choosing to play the victim or sidekick instead.

In this episode, she shares what each of these roles looks like so that you can identify which role you are taking on at any given moment in time. She also shares how to identify the villain inside of your head that is always there, trying to hold you back, and what to do to keep that villain in check.

Listen to the end for a handful of ideas on how to start showing up as the hero of your own story.

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